Big brother world

Credit to Desktop Nexus Wallpapers With the development of the virtual revolution, a whole array of new technologies have become available to us. In this particular entry I would like to focus on the advancements in security equipment. With the level of computer controlled surveillance we now have, your every move can be captured on

Predictions of the future

Astounding predictions I found this article while doing some research and I find it to be entertaining and worth mentioning. It’s all about how science fiction novels have quite amazingly become a reality. Video calling is mentioned for example; we now have MSN messenger, Skype, the newly introduced Facetime, along with many other applications that

Plugged in

While exploring the concept of the virtual revolution and thinking back to my online presence entry, I’ve come to realise how much of an impact it has made on the way we communicate. If you can think back to what life used to be like; how many more children you’d find playing unsupervised outdoors and

Our online presence

After being told in our web authouring lecture to be aware of our online presence, it made me think about all the different things I and I’m sure many others, have signed up to on the web over the years. Our personal life is posted everywhere; Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Flickr, Myspace… the list is endless.

Virtual reality headset

Within this video we are shown how the emotiv headset has been designed and created to has the ability to read your brainwaves. It uses this to control whatever application it is linked to. In the initial example it is just a test using a box but it goes on to explain how this sort

Interaction designer

Credits to Mattias Andersson To start off my blog I’ve chosen to look at the work of an interaction designer Mattias Anderson, who is based in Sweden. He has designed and created these ‘media cubes’ to control media players such as your television or personal computer. I find it to be an interesting concept as he

Human Interface

Found this video and thought it was a pretty cool concept. It’s basically a human version of computer interactions, designed for Multitouch Barcelona.