Wee update

Wee update

Well, it’s been yet another long hiatus since my last update. One of these days I’m going to get the rest of those Australia blogs written – life just always seems to get in the way. 

Since moving back to Scotland, I’ve re-located myself to yet another new city to me, Edinburgh. Amazingly, I’ve somehow been here nearly a year already, though often it only feels like a couple of months – I swear time speeds up as you get older. 

I’ve settled in nicely, and I’m really enjoying the normality of routine and having my own place to live. I’ve continued to develop my career as a UX designer, and I’m about to begin an exciting new job at a local design agency in Leith. Not before going in for ligament surgery on my ankle though, because I’m still clumsy as ever and like a challenge apparently. 

Edinburgh itself is a beautiful place to live too – I love having places like Calton Hill, Water of Leith and Arthur’s seat (pictured above) right on my doorstep, as well being walking distance from anything I could possibly need. It’s not quite got the same place in my heart as Glasgow, but its great in its own right and I can see myself for the next few years to come at least.

Of course I still have the travel bug, so in the past few months I’ve had two incredible trips away, one to Japan and one to Denmark, with hopefully a few more before the year is up if everything goes to plan! More to come on those later I hope, if I manage to stick with writing up my blogs again. Wish me luck!