Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise

Next stop on our trip was Surfers Paradise. I’d heard the review of ‘it’s a bit like Magaluf’ and that it wasn’t worth visiting, however rather than head straight back to Brisbane we decided to stop along the way and have a couple of nights out here first to make our own judgement. We were very lucky to book an 6-bed dorm and have the room to ourselves two out of our three nights there!

The hostel we were staying (Surf n Sun backpackers) at was filled with reps who came on nights out with you and organised the night, making it feel a bit like a 18-30s holiday in Europe. However, our hostel was very quiet (likely as we were visiting in winter) so on our first night out it was a very small group of us that went out and nothing really to write home about.

The next night (Saturday), they organised a ‘big backpackers night out’. It’s a bar crawl where you visit 4 different bars in the town and get a drink in each one provided with your $30 ticket. We had a much better night out this time around, but thats purely because of the Canadian friends we made along the way! We had a great night hanging out with them, but the bar crawl itself wasn’t anything special really. Our main issue with it was they give you a free drink in every bar, but you spend around an hour and a half in each place, so you’re just bored waiting on the next one. One good thing did come of it though, due to Emma and I not realising we had to buy our tickets beforehand and confusion amongst the reps, we actually managed to get it for free, so can’t complain much!

By the name Surfers Paradise, we were expecting a nice little beachy town, but in reality it was filled with high-rise buildings and felt very commercial. The buildings also made sunbathing on the beach inconvenient, as later on in the afternoon they left half the beach in the shade. However, we did our best and definitely improved our tans there, so that was a plus. There was a small market on the beachfront we went to visit as well, which offered some nice stalls selling cute things and we both got a necklace each.

We did have a good time while we were there generally, but that was more because of the company we were in rather than the place itself. The clubs aren’t anything to shout about, and you could find better nightlife elsewhere in Australia. Definitely one you can give a miss on your East Coast trip.