Four days in Adelaide

To finish off our Great Ocean Road trip we hit up the City of Adelaide. After spending five nights camping, we chose to opt for a little luxury before another few weeks camping en route to Darwin.  After struggling to find nice accommodation at a reasonable price that wasn’t already booked up on my regular

Melbourne living (for two weeks)

First stop in hitting the road from Shepparton was to head back down south to my favourite city of Melbourne for a few weeks. Adam still had two weeks left of work at this point, so I used the chance to be a lady of leisure and enjoy chilling out for two weeks in the city. While

Melbourne activities – Part 1 of 3

In total, we ended up spending around 3 weeks in Melbourne, so managed to visit quite a lot of places in that time. For that reason, I’m going to split our time in Melbourne into a couple of posts, starting with activities. Food, drink and nightlife will follow in a second post and Adam and

A week in Sydney

After our long drive from Cairns, in early December we finally made it down to Sydney to see what the city had to offer. After living on Fitzroy Island for the previous six weeks, we were very excited to experience the busy city life again. We opted to stay at Surfside Bondi Beach, as it

A backpackers Christmas

Around four weeks ago now, Adam set off on his flight from Heathrow to Cairns, and joined Emma and I to backpack around Australia. Prior to him arriving, we decided to head to big cities for Christmas and New Year, and made a plan to drive our car the long journey from Cairns to Sydney,

Sights around Cairns

Before Emma and I moved over to Fitzroy Island, we spent around four weeks living in Cairns and working in a little village called Palm Cove. On our days off we tried to make the most of our time in Cairns and making the effort to go and see the sights nearby. The first few


Cairns marked the final stop on our East Coast trip. We drove there from mission beach almost three weeks ago now, having spent most of our money and set on trying to find ourselves a job. We spent the first two nights in Gilligan’s, which has a reputation for being a party hostel. We were