Farm life in Mooroopna and Shepparton

Something that inevitably comes with doing farm work is living in a rural part of Australia. For us, that meant living in Mooroopna, a small town in Victoria nicknamed ‘Fruit salad city’. Most of our days here were spent working or recovering on our few days off, but we tried our best to fit in

88 days a farmer

After finding ourselves farm work, the next step was to actually do it. Our job hunt led us to a little town 2.5 hours north of Melbourne called Mooroopna, next to the more commonly known city of Shepparton. Rising bright and early for our first day, we headed off to a nearby farm just as

Backpacker island life

For the past six weeks, Emma and I have been living and working on a tropical island just off the coast from Cairns, called Fitzroy Island. It’s a national park, and the only buildings on the island are part of the Fitzroy resort, with the rest of the land being unspoilt rainforest full of plenty