AAL Challenge Prize

A few months ago I submitted my product, Flux, into the Active and Assisted Living (AAL) Challenge prize competition. The competition requires you to create a solution that uses internet connectivity and the Internet of Things to empower older adults to achieve the quality of life to which they aspire, both socially and independently. Five

Critical reflection

Way back in September I began the year with an open mind; I didn’t know what I wanted my project to be or what I really wanted to focus on. I was, unreasonably in hindsight, greeted with a shock when we were expected to have three potential briefs just hours into day one. I was

Famatic – a social photo frame

Today while sitting in the studios Hazel White dropped in with Chris Arnold, a design educator from Alabama who was visiting the university. Amber, Jo and I spent some time explaining our projects to them and had quite an interesting chat about the skills we learn and the development of digital physical products. While discussing

Product evaluation

Today while at the user centre I conducted a short evaluation of my device with five people to get some feedback on my project. As this evaluation is coming at such a late stage, while their feedback is valuable it doesn’t allow me enough time to make a huge amount of changes and for that


One great image. One hundred words. One minute video. “Flux is a video chat device designed for elderly users. Its physical controls and simple interface provide a platform for users to connect with family via Google Hangouts. Allowing family to join the call on any personal device gives it mainstream appeal, so it can be adopted

Progress update

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve just been working away at various aspects of my project to try and tie it all together and get it ready for Vivas. Tech wise, I’m getting close! I will probably be refining it until the last possible moment however I’m pretty happy as I’ve made significant progress

Project branding

Since the branding workshop the other week I’ve been focusing on developing the brand of my project, deciding on a project name and working on the instructions sheets that would come with the device on purchase. I’ve been trying to think about the experience as a whole, therefore the set up and usage instructions is

Work in progress

Today was our deadline to submit content to DJCAD to be included on the website and in the brochure so this week I’ve been working on bringing together a work in progress photograph and preparing a 100 word description of my project. As for how the project itself is coming along, I’m going to be

Button design

As the deadline for our DJCAD ‘one great image’ is fast approaching, it has become a matter of urgency to get the design as finished as possible. For this reason I’ve put my coding on the back burner so that I can get on with completing the visual elements. Unfortunately, my project is not at

Branding workshop

On Monday we received a branding workshop from Graham. Initially, we were shown examples of some brands that have designed and produced exceptional branding materials from the ‘Introducing visual identity for small businesses’ book; discussing what makes them unique and work well within their field. The key insight I took away from this workshop was