Dreamworld was a fantastic day out and to date the best thing we’ve done in Australia (we’re only two weeks in, but hey). It’s Australia’s largest theme park, and is situated a 30 minute drive from Surfers Paradise. We managed to get half-price tickets online through RACQ, however they normally cost around $100. You can

Surfers Paradise

Next stop on our trip was Surfers Paradise. I’d heard the review of ‘it’s a bit like Magaluf’ and that it wasn’t worth visiting, however rather than head straight back to Brisbane we decided to stop along the way and have a couple of nights out here first to make our own judgement. We were

Summer shots

This summer I went on a couple of holidays and below are just a few of my favourite photos from both. First album is a few from a week in Amsterdam, second are from a road trip I did with three friends across the states. We started in Alabama and worked our way through Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico,