Road Trip to Sydney via Byron Bay

Having decided to spend the festive season in Sydney and Melbourne, our next journey was to drive all the way down to Sydney from Cairns. We set off on the ~2500km drive on a Monday morning, and arrived in Sydney by the Friday evening. We could have done this faster, but chose to spend two

A day out in Port Douglas

After our adventures in Danitree, we started our journey back down south to spend a night in Port Douglas. This was a lovely little town, and could have happily stayed there longer had we had the time! We spent our evening watching the lovely sunset at Anzac Park before heading along to Iron Bar for

The road trip begins again

Almost two months ago now, on the 29th of November, Adam landed in Australia after his long haul flight from Heathrow. His arrival marked the beginning of our next adventures around Australia, and we made big plans for the next few weeks to see as much as possible before getting back to working life. Day

A backpackers Christmas

Around four weeks ago now, Adam set off on his flight from Heathrow to Cairns, and joined Emma and I to backpack around Australia. Prior to him arriving, we decided to head to big cities for Christmas and New Year, and made a plan to drive our car the long journey from Cairns to Sydney,

Backpacker island life

For the past six weeks, Emma and I have been living and working on a tropical island just off the coast from Cairns, called Fitzroy Island. It’s a national park, and the only buildings on the island are part of the Fitzroy resort, with the rest of the land being unspoilt rainforest full of plenty

Sights around Cairns

Before Emma and I moved over to Fitzroy Island, we spent around four weeks living in Cairns and working in a little village called Palm Cove. On our days off we tried to make the most of our time in Cairns and making the effort to go and see the sights nearby. The first few

Packing for your travels

So you’re setting off on a journey of a lifetime and travelling around Australia for the next couple of years. It’s a very exciting time and your head is bursting with ideas on what to see and do in your time there. The big question you need to ask yourself is, what do I need

The end of the East Coast journey

After an amazing 4 1/2 weeks of travelling from Brisbane to Cairns, we’ve now settled down in the Cairns area and began working, ready to set off on our next adventure once we’ve saved up again. The map above shows all our stops on our travels, covering just shy of 4000 miles over 33 days. Brisbane


Cairns marked the final stop on our East Coast trip. We drove there from mission beach almost three weeks ago now, having spent most of our money and set on trying to find ourselves a job. We spent the first two nights in Gilligan’s, which has a reputation for being a party hostel. We were