Virtual reality headset

Within this video we are shown how the emotiv headset has been designed and created to has the ability to read your brainwaves. It uses this to control whatever application it is linked to. In the initial example it is just a test using a box but it goes on to explain how this sort of thing could be used for gaming in virtual worlds, as well as controlling the real world.

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Interaction designer

Credits to Mattias Andersson

To start off my blog I’ve chosen to look at the work of an interaction designer¬†Mattias Anderson, who is based in Sweden. He has designed and created these ‘media cubes’ to control media players such as your television or personal computer. I find it to be an interesting concept as he has designed a very ‘hands on’ approach to controlling your media. They work by sensing the orientation and rotation of each; so for example to change the volume you would place the cube on the volume side and twist to the left or right to decrease or increase volume.

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