Thomas Heatherwick App

As Heatherwick is a very diverse designer, we found the design of our app difficult. We’ve spent a lot of time dedicated to coming up with various potential concepts, as posted below. First we went for quite a simple idea, with just a grey background to represent the metallic colours he uses throughout his work.

Thomas Heatherwick – initial research

Yesterday Iona and I met up to begin our research into Thomas Heatherwick and place it into the design profile template within indesign. Heatherwick is a widely skilled man, practicing within architecture, urban infrastructure, sculpture, furniture design, strategic thinking, model making, fabrication, landscape design, fine art and curation. I’ve found this research to be very

Xcode and app design

Now second year dixd students, we have a bunch of new and more challenging projects to undertake. For our first project we have been given the task of designing and developing an app for an ipod/iphone, to showcase a designers work. Having been put into pairs, each of us were been given an individual designer

Hit Escape

It’s been a while since posting anything on here – I pretty much neglected it once our blog was marked. I’ve decided it’ll be a good place to keep a record of what I do in DixD though, so I’ll do my best to keep updating as we work through the semester. The last thing

Google it

Google Logo These days search engines seems to have become our answer to everything. From researching our essays to finding directions to self diagnosing illnesses – its a hypercondriac’s heaven. We have a vast array to chose from, Bing, Dogpile, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves and Google being just a few examples.  Google now tells you how

Interactive sound posters

“Every image has a sound” That’s the logo for this series of posters designed for an advertising campaign for DM9’s sound production company. It’s an interesting concept, making their advertising interactive. I know something like this would definitely draw my attention.

The evolution of the geek

Just something I came across I thought I’d post for a laugh. I guess we can all say we’re design geeks, what other categories do you come under? Evolution of the geek.

Key Masters

In this day and age, terrorism fears are thought of as a physical thing; fears of plane hijackings, road-side bombs and suicide bombers. But could the world perhaps be expecting a new form of terrorism? Credits to iquestionauthourity As the internet has become such a huge part of our lives in recent years, there are

Internet Shopping

Arguably the invention of the internet enabled digital technologies is the single biggest revolutionary thing to happen to society in the last 50 years.   Credits to online-shoppingway As stated above, the internet has changed our lives in so many ways. I honestly can’t imagine what life would be like without it, as it’s what