RSA submission – Everyday Well Being

At the start of term we were introduced to the RSA student design award briefs and advised to keep them in mind while developing our projects. Earlier this month I put forward my honours project work to the RSA student design awards, under the everyday well-being category. Unfortunately the deadline was for before Mark 2 so

Mark 2

Tuesday morning was our Mark 2 presentations, where I got the opportunity to show what progress I have made since Mark 1 and receive some feedback. I am happy with the design of the frame at present and it seemed to go down well at the presentation. My next steps are to drill button holes,

Frame build

Following Graham’s advice to get a frame built rather than make something myself in the workshop, I dropped in at West End Gallery to enquire about getting it built to hold the Nexus and all the Arduino components necessary. After a lengthy discussion we came to the conclusion that it was possible, although not the

More decisions

During my tutorial yesterday I received feedback on the progress of my project so far. As this feedback was written before the Mark 1 presentation, many of the points that were raised have now been dealt with within that first prototype. However, there are still some key decisions I need to make and whether I

Inspiring projects

Recently I came across another two projects that are worth mentioning, as they have aspects that I find inspiring and I can relate to my project. Firstly, the Frame Of Reverence, a picture frame containing a photograph that slowly degrades over time. When a phone call is made to the person in the frame, the picture

Mark 1 Presentation

Last Tuesday was our Mark 1 presentations. Sticking to the same groupings as before, I presented my progress so far within the Family and Learning category. As I mentioned previously I chose to focus on a technical prototype to begin with. By doing so I managed to overcome a lot of technical issues during the

Features of video chat services

I first researched hangouts; offering a free service to connect with up to 10 people at once. By adding all members of their family to the same circle, the user could call the hangout and be connected with any of them that are online at that present moment. This makes it the most useful video

Mark 1 progress

We’re now halfway through the Mark 1 prototypes so it’s time for an update on my progress. I’ve resumed volunteering at the user centre; by doing this I’m continuously gaining insights from my user group and will be able to take my prototypes to them in the near future. Today I met an elderly lady

Interaction Architecture

Yesterday we received an Interaction Architecture workshop from Graham. We discussed the difference between shallow and deep interfaces, then in pairs were set the task to choose a product, app or website and map out it’s information architecture. With the architecture laid out in front of us, we were asked to consider a few points;

Human Factors

Last week we received a lecture from Chris on human factors in design. As we are all designing products for people, it’s important to consider the needs of the end user. I’ve already done some research into design factors to be considered when working with elderly users but this lecture was helpful to get a