Dreamworld was a fantastic day out and to date the best thing we’ve done in Australia (we’re only two weeks in, but hey). It’s Australia’s largest theme park, and is situated a 30 minute drive from Surfers Paradise. We managed to get half-price tickets online through RACQ, however they normally cost around $100. You can also get various passes and combined park tickets with the connected WhiteWater world park if you hunt around online before you go.

The park itself contains what they call ‘The Big 9 Thrill Rides’, along with various other rides and attractions on offer. We went on a few of the other rides, including the very fun Thunder river rapids. The Big 9 were the highlight though, so I’ll give you a run down of those.

In order of scary-ness, I’d rank them as follows:

Buzzsaw ride
Buzzsaw ride

Actually scary:
1. The Giant Drop (A 39 story, 135km/hr free-fall vertical drop)
2. Buzzsaw (105km/hr circular ride with twists, where you are held upside down with only a lap harness to hold you in place)
3. Tower of Terror II (Propelled backwards through a tunnel at 161km/hr in 7 seconds, then pushed up 100m into the air, held vertically then propelled forwards through the tunnel again)

The three of these were so much fun, went on the Giant Drop and Tower of Terror a second time each as we loved them so much. Buzzsaw we weren’t so keen on re-visiting, purely because of the lack of body harness for how much time you spent upside-down was a bit too much for a post-lunch ride.

The rest:
4. Wipeout
5. The Claw (Emma’s fav, we went on it 3 times)
6. Pandamonium (both of us felt sick after this one!)
7. Hot Wheels sidewinder
8. Mick Doohan’s Motocoaster
9. Tailspin

Meeting Bananas in Pyjamas in the kids area.
Meeting Bananas in Pyjamas in the kids area.

What made this park so great was that unlike in the UK, there was virtually no waiting times for rides. The longest we had to wait for a ride was our first time on the Giant drop, and that took less than 15 minutes. Many of the other rides we just walked straight on which was amazing and made the day so much better than previous theme park experiences I’ve had.

The park is themed around Dreamworks productions, so you’ll see various recognisable character statues such as Shrek, Kung-fu panda and the characters from Madagascar. The park also has a small zoo section towards to back, so we went for a wander around this after lunch and saw some crocodiles, wombats and koalas along with a few others.

We both brought in some homemade sandwiches to save a bit of money, so I can’t comment on the food facilities, however they had a Boost juice bar, which is our new favourite destination for juices, so we treated ourselves to one of these at lunchtime.

Dreamworld was incredible and if you’re in the area you absolutely have to visit it!