Progress update

Progress update

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve just been working away at various aspects of my project to try and tie it all together and get it ready for Vivas.

Tech wise, I’m getting close! I will probably be refining it until the last possible moment however I’m pretty happy as I’ve made significant progress over the past few weeks. My image now animates from full colour through to black and white – although it does this far too fast, I’m yet to figure out how to slow it down. You can see it working as is in the sneak preview of my video below!

imageThe LED now lights up and marks the user and online or offline through an on screen toast. The code is all in a service class, meaning the buttons will still work while in the hangouts call. This leaves just a few things to finish off; hang up a call, open to a real call (or other words how am I going to execute this at degree show?) and finally more on screen feedback for the physical input would be good if I can get this working.

Design wise you can also see how the buttons have progressed in the video. They have been cut from dowel and varnished before then having their action laser cut on. I am planning to make a second version of these as well as cleaning up the frame with a touch of black paint on the edges. All the electronics also now have their corresponding holes drilled into the frame and have been fitted into place with play-dough. Probably not the most conventional way to put them in but it works! Design wise it’s coming along well and only has some small bits and pieces to be finished then it will be done.

I’ve also been working on filming and editing my video. I wanted to show how my product would be used in context so I decided to film my gran using the device to video call my cousin. As I would have to be in two places at once to do this live I had to do a lot of mocking up of content and I’m currently working on green screening in the video stream to each device. It’s probably not going to look perfect but it gets across my point so I’m happy with how that is coming along as well. I should have the finished video posted up in the next couple of days!