Project branding

Project branding

Since the branding workshop the other week I’ve been focusing on developing the brand of my project, deciding on a project name and working on the instructions sheets that would come with the device on purchase. I’ve been trying to think about the experience as a whole, therefore the set up and usage instructions is an important part of the process if this product were to be put to market.

I began by giving my product a name. In my previous blog post about branding I mentioned the mind-map I had made to help me figure out names. For a while I was working with names such as link and connect but I felt they were a bit dull and lacking. I spent a lot of time looking up words relating to my project and using the thesaurus for inspiration before I landed on the name Flux.

One of the definitions of Flux is ‘continuous change’. I feel this is a nice word to reflect the purpose of my project. Firstly, as a main focus has been looking into how elderly people use technology and keep up with the rapidly changing technology era. Secondly, by using this video chat device family members can keep up with each others lives by regularly keeping in touch, so that they don’t miss out on anything new that happens and are able to share those moments.

Next I focused on the visual style. I looked towards other social networks and communication tools for inspiration. One thing that particularly stood out was the fact that they all use blue; Skype, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, iMessage, to name just a few examples. Apparently blue is a calming colour that promotes interaction and trust. As it’s been shown to be an effective colour for social products I decided to go with this for my project logo. I particularly looked towards the design of Skype’s information pages, as it’s also a video chat network. My project incorporates google hangouts rather than Skype, however  I don’t feel hangouts is as well resolved branding wise as Skype is – I think this is because google offers such a range of features whereas Skype is a dedicated platform. Below is a screenshot from the landing page for both.

So following these decisions I got to work in illustrator mocking up my logo and instructions sheets. These may change between now and the viva but for now I’m fairly happy with the design of them. I wanted to keep the usage instructions as clear as possible and I took influences from Skype’s features page. The only thing that is making me consider a change is the question over whether it should tie in better with the branding of google hangouts? My project is a product in it’s own right so on one hand I don’t think so, however it is working with googles platform. This is something I’m going to be thinking about over the coming weeks.