Our online presence

After being told in our web authouring lecture to be aware of our online presence, it made me think about all the different things I and I’m sure many others, have signed up to on the web over the years. Our personal life is posted everywhere; Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Flickr, Myspace… the list is endless.

Taking myself for example, while I may not use them all regularly anymore, I’m currently a member of over ten, as shown in the contact page; and thats just the ones I can remember. Who knows what else is lurking about the internet containing information about me. I mean, I know when I first started to use the web I had forum and chatroom accounts, along with myspace, bebo and games profiles.

It’s amazing the difference the way in which we spread news and interact with people has changed over the years. From sending handwritten letters, to personal emails to now just posting it everywhere for the world to see. But is that really a good thing? Yes, communicating with people from all over the world is an advantage; but what about people who become addicted to their online ‘life’? Would everything I’ve signed up to be counted as an addiction? Or must it go further; to those who spend hours every day on world of warcraft, or the couple who divorced over an ‘affair’ in a computer game?

Everything you’ve ever joined, posted and uploaded is quite likely to still be on the web somewhere. It’s quite scary to think the actions of an immature twelve year old could be linked back to who we are today. We need to consider the fact companies now do data checks on both potential and current employees. Now is that an invasion of privacy or is it our own fault for using it in the first place? If we make our lives open for anyone to see, we need to face the possible consequences.