Virtual reality headset

Within this video we are shown how the emotiv headset has been designed and created to has the ability to read your brainwaves. It uses this to control whatever application it is linked to. In the initial example it is just a test using a box but it goes on to explain how this sort of thing could be used for gaming in virtual worlds, as well as controlling the real world.

It works by detecting electrical impulses in the brain and can respond to facial expressions and emotional experiences. This type of technology is a fascinating concept, as it potentially can provide everyone with the ability to control everything around them from one device; their own brain. No need for remote controls or light switches, you just think what you want to do and that’s it done. It would be a great experience for a gamer in theory, as they could feel almost powerful, the way in which it can be controlled purely from the brain. But then, would this be boring? Sitting playing a game and just thinking about it? Often the action is what people enjoy, hence the success of the wii games console.

The use of this headset in the home seems far more practical, being able to turn on lights and open curtains etc. But again, we already have the ability to do this through automated systems, so is there really a huge benefit here?

I think this technology is an amazing concept, but something that needs to be worked on before it is of any real use. I see this as a brilliant example of how the virtual revolution is changing the fundamental way we live and the potential for new things to come.