Predictions of the future

Astounding predictions

I found this article while doing some research and I find it to be entertaining and worth mentioning. It’s all about how science fiction novels have quite amazingly become a reality. Video calling is mentioned for example; we now have MSN messenger, Skype, the newly introduced Facetime, along with many other applications that can run webcam. But at the time of writing; in 1911, this was a far fetched fantasy.

Stepping to the Telephot on the side of the wall, he pressed a group of buttons and in a few minutes the faceplate of the Telephot became luminous, revealing the face of a clean-shaven man about thirty, a pleasant but serious face.

As soon as he recognized the face of Ralph in his own Telephot, he smiled and said, “Hello, Ralph.” “Hello, Edward. I wanted to ask you if you could come over to the laboratory tomorrow morning. I have something unusually interesting to show you. Look!”

He stepped to one side of his instrument so that his friend could see the apparatus on the table about ten feet from the Telephot faceplate.

It just goes to show things that may seem a ridiculous fantasy to us now, could quite possibly become a reality. If you consider the concept of ‘aliens’ and life on other planets. I for one am not the type of person to believe in strange creatures as depicted in many TV programs and films; but considering we now have the ability to travel to Mars, who knows much further we will go and how much more we will find in the future. Just have a think about all those far fetched science fiction programs you’ve watched – Lost in Space, Star Trek, War of the Worlds… who knows what could happen.