Plugged in

While exploring the concept of the virtual revolution and thinking back to my online presence entry, I’ve come to realise how much of an impact it has made on the way we communicate. If you can think back to what life used to be like; how many more children you’d find playing unsupervised outdoors and the way in which you would know your neighbours so much better, as the closest to you would be the easiest to keep in contact with. Now these days with email, telephones and internet access available to us we constantly cut ourselves off from what is really close to home.

Credits to ~insomnia-stock on deviantArt

Think about a train journey; to your left is a teenage boy listening to his iPod, to your right a young girl playing with her DS and opposite you a business man emailing on his iPhone. All around you people are ‘plugged in’, completely cutting themselves off from the potential of having a conversation and meeting new people. While all these devices have the intention of improving communication, it can actually create quite an adverse effect, making quite an anti-social atmosphere.

Then there’s the question of is this good for our well-being? Taking what I said earlier about more children staying indoors, it has become a cause for concern amongst medical experts. ‘Escape’ is a word I’d use to describe it; so many people will use technology as an escape from reality. We get so immersed in what the latest facebook update is we don’t notice what’s actually happening in the real world.