Cash Flow

Cash flow is a water feature designed to fit into your daily routine.  A simple glance on the way out the door gives the user an abstract view of their financial state, which may affect how they spend their day.  It’s aim is to give the user a simple way to gauge their finances, while

Apps for Artists

Apps for Artists is a conceptual iPad application created for a fine art student, who is interested in working with children, Camila Richardson. It’s a playful, exploratory app designed with Camila’s artwork and is targeted towards engaging young children. Using one of her interactive sculptures, the aim is for the user to play and discover

Perfect Plate

Perfect Plate is a game designed to educate and support children’s learning in primary school years. It is an educational game for children, where they split into teams and race against each other to get the food objects into the correct categories on the plate.  Perfect Plate is a result of my second year Co-Design

DUSA Sports App

During my first semester of second year I was set a brief, to develop an application that focused on sharing media within a student group. I chose to focus on the sports communities within the university as there was a lot of information about each sports team currently spread throughout various social media outlets. The module