SIE Student Enterprise Summit

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to get the experience of going to the SIE student enterprise summit in Edinburgh. It was held in the stunning location of The Assembly Rooms which was a great location for an event like this. The day consisted of a lineup of great speakers, ranging from people at the start

Global Service Jam

This weekend I had the great experience of taking part in Dundee’s first Global Service Jam. It’s a 48 hour event where people from all different backgrounds come together to design a service based around a theme; this years being grow^. It was a hectic weekend of meeting new people, creating, prototyping and presenting. All done

Digital Hallway

To bring in the new semester we hosted an exhibition to show off the projects we worked on all last semester in our 21st century barometer project. Over the winter break a team of us had been working hard to bring it all together and make it an exhibition to be proud of. We have

Exhibition day!

After managing to pull everything together over the past few days, the presentation and the exhibition went really well! Far more people came than I’d expected and they all seemed to enjoy it. Our app, whilst not fully functional, was received well. People seemed to like the way it could be used for both adults and children, adding a