Poetry InPictures App

Poetry InPictures app aims to encourage poets to write and share new poems based on current affairs and provides a platform for a reading and social experience for poetry enthusiasts. The concept of the app is to pull in the daily photographs from the InPictures section of the Guardian website. The poet will then write

Critical Reflection

This semester introduced us to a new module, Social Mobile Apps. Within the module, our aim was to research, design and prototype a touchscreen app that creatively re-imagined the printed poem; acting as a communication tool and a social reader interface for both individuals and as a group activity. Drawing inspiration from the current social

Poetry In Pictures – Finished App

Following on from my previous post, I’ve made a lot of further refinements to the design of the app. (Fig. 1) I wasn’t happy with the tag selection along the top of the screen, so that’s now in a pop out menu. (Fig.2) I’m utilizing the tab bar and navigation bar standard IOS features to move around

Submission PDFs

The PDF sheets with my progress throughout the social mobile apps module. Initial Concepts and Visualisation sketching.

App development

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been taking all the research, wire-framing and prototyping work I’ve done and pulling it together into a mock up of my final application. I chose to do this in illustrator, which I’ve began using more and more lately so I’m improving my skills in that software throughout the

Research progress

After speaking with Ewan in my tutorial yesterday I’ve defined the areas I want to make progress in over the next week; Find design models of current reader apps. Begin designing and branding my app, having at least one finished screen. Test out the gestures I want to use on simple shapes in xCode. Before

Wireframing my app

Over the past week I’ve been refining my sketches and working on prototyping the interface further. My application is for iPad, however POP app for iPhone is a great resource for bringing your wireframes to life. Once you take photos of your sketches you can link areas together so that you can physically test working through

Research on app models

After discussing my ideas in the tutorial, I’ve decided to go ahead and concentrate on prototyping the reader’s experience. I plan on mocking up the poet’s writing and inspiration interface with an animation but my focus will be on the reader interface as I feel this has more depth to it and room to explore.

Deciding on a concept

After presenting both my concepts in class on Monday I was faced with a tough decision. Both were received very well with each requiring different styles of work. Likestarlings focused on improving a current poetry community through an IOS app while In Pictures creates a new community using existing content through web applications. Like starlings stemmed from early research so